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About La Palma:

We work where we were born. We could say that we have been “locally sourced” for forty years because we made our first furniture in a garage, a few metres from home, in Cadoneghe, at the weekends. It took us hours to make a small table. Today, it takes us fifty seconds to shape the continuous sinuous line of the LEM stool. We have changed because we have remained faithful to ourselves and to what we love the most, technology, knowledge of materials, research and determination.

Before becoming the company Lapalma, we worked for NASA, making transistor capsules, a few millimetres of total precision, using a gauge instead of a tape measure. Some of our products must have arrived on the moon, whereas we stayed with our feet firmly on the ground, which means concreteness and courage. We have always been farsighted, however, looking for innovative ideas, new markets and fresh strategies, even when, in the early 1990s, we decided to focus on seating and then, ten years later and after achieving many international awards, we transformed our collections into a system of versatile minimalist products, ideal for all environments.

In the early 1980s, when La Palma moved from the garage to a disused distillery, we took part in our first trade fair, in Padua. Our agent at the time presented three small tables, which were a great success, and orders began to arrive from the most prestigious shops in the north of Italy. “And now, what are we going to do?”, we asked ourselves. “Now, you will make them”, replied the agent. And we did precisely that. To make our products and continuously improve, we chose state-of-the-art machinery and customised it based on our experience. To make furniture and implement projects, even the most difficult ones created by our amazing designers, we focused on automation. Nevertheless, we wanted manual craftsmanship to go hand-in-hand with technology: a complex assembly phase, a step, or rather two, of sandpapering with different grain sizes to ensure perfect details, and the smoothing of fabrics.

In 2010, we inaugurated our current headquarters, 14,500 sq.m of fluid, bright and “green” spaces, because we chose solar energy. Each product, with its intricate complexity, is created here and then distributed to 81 countries. We work hard. Then the weekend arrives. As children, we would go and watch car races and we imagined that the speed of those cars and the beauty of those lines in the wind were ours. We still like sports cars today. Just as we like tending to our vegetable garden and spending time with the family. We grew up in this way, together and free, in the local area. -Dario e Romano Marcato

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