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Spot Lights

If you’re wanting your lights to be hidden away, then Recessed lights, also known as down lights are the obvious choice.

Recessed lights provide energy saving, functional lighting throughout your living space as they don’t take up space the way other lights do – for example, when compared to a floor lamp or pendant light which are fixed. As a result downlights are the optimum for space-saving, low-maintenance lighting.

Their discreet appearance, practicality and ability to blend well with other lights such as pendants or spotlights make them an excellent lighting staple.

With an eye for both quality design and innovation, every lighting brand that we carry at ECC Australia has been personally selected to meet our high calibre standards as we won’t accept anything less.

Some of the sought after designer recessed lighting brands that we carry are:

Aqua Creations
Astro Lighting
Cini & Nils
Jacco Maris
Santa & Cole
Molto Luce

So don’t delay, shop our range of downlights online now.

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