Crystals arranged in a continuous elastic surface, like a skin, cover a drum that has been geometrized to the bare essence of a metal skeleton. The arched profile reveals the secret, and the bejewelled mesh, so light as to not offer any resistance to the air itself, presents its tautness and symmetry as a touch of nature as if waiting with bated breath.

Created in 1993 by Milanese architects Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli, the Italian lighting design brand Lolli e Memmoli produce meticulously handcrafted lighting pieces. Their collection designs give a sense of lightness and a modern aesthetic to the traditionally heavyweight chandelier design. Like the glowing silhouettes of couture dresses, each of Lolli e Memmoli’s light pieces features detailed meshes of hand-cut Bohemian crystals sewn together around thin and seamless structures.


Dimensions: Aires FM: H 1500 Dia 300mm

Aires FH: H 1800 Dia 210mm

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10-12 weeks


Installation Orientation

Floor Mount

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