At Linteloo we are more than proud that our collection of furniture has

inspired El Schmid to come up with ‘Orion’: a design that allows for a degree

of mobility in lighting, which perfectly suits our flexible, modular seating

arrangements and is equally at home over any dining table. Whether you opt

for the pendant lights with movable arms or the floor lamp, ‘Orion’ will throw

its (dimmable) light exactly where and how you want it. With its elegant, slender

frames and shades, ‘Orion’ is reminiscent of Japanese lampions, floating in mid-air

Lintelooo was founded In 1994, more than fifteen years before trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort declared ‘wellbeing’ one of the most important international trends. Jan te Linteloo had noticed the domination of minimalism in the early nineties and so he decided to start a brand that radiates ‘enjoying the good life’ in every possible way.


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10-14 weeks


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Floor Mount