Recalling the natural beauty of a flower, Orten’zia hand-soldered “petals” emanate a unique glow, immersing the entire room in a glimmering light. An organic radiance is created through light and shadow, planting a garden within the room. Available in either nickel or gold plated, the Orten’zia’s elegant form complements its dramatic light. Design Bruno Rainaldi.

Working to redefine the way luxury lighting is conceived and produced, Terzani has been combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology since it was founded in Florence in 1972.


Dimensions: 0M57L: H 140 Dia 110mm

0M85L: H 220 Dia 200mm

0M44L: H 160 Dia 450mm

0M43L: H 260 Dia 600mm

0M42L: H 290 Dia 750mm

Additional information

Lead Time

10-14 weeks


Installation Orientation

Ceiling Mount



Lamp Type



Gold, Nickel