A mosaic of pendants is shaped into geometric proportions that defy the visual perception of their forms. A sphere might appear, unveiled by a layering of staggered cylinders, where the refraction of the crystals is renewed with each tier. In the meanwhile, light pulsates in the centre and vibrates its way through each of the three thousand gems.

Created in 1993 by Milanese architects Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli, the Italian lighting design brand Lolli e Memmoli produce meticulously handcrafted lighting pieces. Their collection designs give a sense of lightness and a modern aesthetic to the traditionally heavyweight chandelier design. Like the glowing silhouettes of couture dresses, each of Lolli e Memmoli’s light pieces features detailed meshes of hand-cut Bohemian crystals sewn together around thin and seamless structures.


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Ceiling Mount

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