Cini & Nils was established in 1969, when two designers, by Mario and Franco Melocchi Bettonica began to feel the need to offer their projects directly to the market. A variety of products were developed by the combined efforts of Mario Melocchi and Franco Bettonica, many of which have since been acquired by the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Initially specializing only on the design of furniture, which was used for the exhibition MOMA in New York, later innovative designer lights were added. With the Cuboluce Lamp, designed in 1972, the connecting piece between decorative home accessories and table lamp was brought on the market. They beat a new way in the industrial lighting market. These were soon followed by other innovations: Gradi, whose lighting body comprises a minute enamelled glass cylinder; Tenso 2500W, the first 230V cable system, miniTenso, the smallest 230V cable system that bridges a gap of only 15 cm and so many other innovations.

Even today, these creations remain an important part of the extensive Cini & Nils range.

ECC has been bringing the world’s finest lighting & furniture brands to Australia since 1909.

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