Toscot is a Tuscan lighting design brand founded in 2001 by Colin Patrick Dinley. Specialized in terracotta light fixtures, from pendant lights and chandeliers to floor lamps and sconces, Toscot develops innovative techniques and forms without losing sight of traditional handcrafting methods. Each piece is unrepeatable, individually handcrafted from start to finish by skilled artisans. Toscot creates works of art recognized for their functionality, creativity, and artistry that tell a story about tradition and design.

The terracotta design combines the Tuscan tradition of hand-cast decorations ranging from classic to contemporary. The care of the finishes give the products particular value, and the creative research, which is the basis of their realisation, transforms objects into contemporary furnishing solutions.

Enlightened Living (Formerly ECC) is proud to bring the world’s finest lighting & furniture brands to Australia.

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