Who said the most practical and functional lights are always Ceiling lights and never Floor lights? Certainly not us here at ECC Lighting & Furniture Australia.

Floor lights offer so much; not only are they a stylish addition to any living area, they’re also easy to move around and they’re flexible. So whether you’re reading a book, or are wanting to highlight a space your child is playing in before bedtime, then floor lights are for you!

With an eye for the unique and innovative, each product that we carry has been personally selected for its beautiful design and quality craftsmanship.

We are sure to have something to meet your lighting needs as we carry everything from wall, ceiling, table, and outdoor lights, to the more extravagant chandeliers and pendants.

Our wide range of luxurious and in-demand designer brands includes but is not limited to:

Aqua Creations
Astro Lighting
Cini & Nils
Jacco Maris
Santa & Cole
Molto Luce

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