Making something out of nothing. Creating maximum designs from minimal amounts of materials……This is the basic concept that underlies the creation, since 1994, of the light features of Jacco Maris. These are unique objects that combine powerful and exciting looks with graceful harmony and subtle elegance, and which are skilfully and individually handcrafted in our own studio.
Most of the Jacco Maris lighting designs are based on metal and steel. These materials and the simplicity in the light design are the most important trademark of Jacco Maris Design.

Stainless steel, black steel, cast metal and brass are distinctive elements that are used simply on their own or in combination with other material such as leather. Over the years numerous remarkable lighting collections have been developed, each with its own distinct character.

All light fittings are made by hand. This enables Jacco Maris to supplement its standard collections with bespoke work and special designs for projects, incorporating the client’s specific wishes in every fine detail.

Enlightened Living (Formerly ECC) is proud to bring the world’s finest lighting & furniture brands to Australia.

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