All Tobias Grau lights are designed and produced in our headquarters near Hamburg. The thriving studio atmosphere and close communication between technical and creative teams are integral to our holistic vision, by which every luminaire is a synergy of art and avant-garde technology.

A comprehensive approach is integral to our design philosophy, crafting each luminaire as a masterwork of efficiency and elegance. Drawing on the interdisciplinary expertise of our team, we aspire to set new standards for the beauty, sustainability, and innovation of lighting.

Tobias Grau creates state-of-the-art lights for the home, workplace, and community spaces. Our designs combine cutting-edge technology with a minimalist form to champion the user’s creativity and transform the experience of illumination. As an interdisciplinary team, we are proud to develop and produce all our lights at our Hamburg headquarters and channel our holistic vision towards the lighting of tomorrow.

Enlightened Living (Formerly ECC) is proud to bring the world’s finest lighting & furniture brands to Australia.

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