For over 35 years now, has been a trendsetter and innovator in the field of outstanding luminaires – in terms of design, technology and production.

Back in 1983, Jean-Marc da Costa and Manfred Wolf founded their company while still design students with the aim of combining sophisticated series-made products with new technologies and contemporary aesthetics. Designs such as REFLEX and the SML product line swiftly became favourites for architects, developers and creative professionals looking for intelligent lighting solutions with a reduced Modernist formal vocabulary for their projects.

Today, the two lines number among the company’s classic luminaires. Serien lighting has continually expanded its range and today offers the entire spectrum of luminaires for discerning architectural projects. Cutting-edge LED technology, numerous control options, and optimum light values coupled with high efficiency combine to form the basis for luminaires with sophisticated lighting effects.

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Enlightened Living (Formerly ECC) is proud to bring the world’s finest lighting & furniture brands to Australia.

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