Terzani continues to reinvent the classics. With Soscik, that combines traditional, artisan techniques with cutting-edge technology to give the traditional chandelier a modern update. Created by interlacing metal chain over a nickel-plated frame, Soscik creates a dramatic and romantic effect, while still being able to compliment today’s modern luxury. Available as a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, Soscik proves that modern design does not have to sacrifice luxury. Design Nicolas Terzani.

Working to redefine the way luxury lighting is conceived and produced, Terzani has been combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology since it was founded in Florence in 1972.


Dimensions: 0G60L: H 350 Dia 720mm

0G61L: H 450 Dia 1000mm

0G62L: H 600 Dia 1450mm

Additional information

Lead Time

10-14 weeks


Installation Orientation

Ceiling Mount



Lamp Type



Bronze, Gold, Nickel