Take Away Led

TAKE AWAY is a portable light designed by Nahtrang, which is light, modern in style and small. In a fast-moving world with constant change and small spaces, we need objects to adapt to each moment and need. This indoor light is designed for this. It has a handle to make it easy to move around, with a wooden base to let it stand and a warm light that can be set at three intensities. It is also very easy to switch it on and off; you just need to gently press the diffusor according to the intensity you want. Since it is portable, it is charged with a mini USB cable and its autonomy depends on consumption: – 0’5W autonomy of 20 hours. -1W autonomy of 10 hours. – 1’5W autonomy of 5 hours. Put it wherever you want: in the kids’ bedroom to provide reading and playing light, in the entrance as support light, above a table or even in the bathroom ! Any corner is good for TAKE AWAY and its fun design. A light that you will also find in white and that you will take everywhere.

Lead time: please allow 2-4 weeks.